Marichal Pitches the Greatest Game - Ever

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"The Greatest Game Ever Pitched!"


July 2, 1963, Candlestick Park

Milwaukee Braves at San Francisco Giants. Warren Spahn vs. Juan Marichal.

A 16-inning scoreless pitching duel that saw Juan Marichal allow eight hits and four walks. He struck out 10. 

It was Marichal's 227th pitch of the night. Four hours and fifteen minutes after his first pitch was thrown.

Willie Mays for years had the habit of always stepping on first base as he trotted in from center field at the end of an inning. This time Marichal was there, too. He said to Willie, “Alvin is going to take me out before the old man.” Willie just looked at him and said, “Don't worry ... I'll end it this inning for you!”

And he did just that.  Mays ended the duel dramatically and suddenly with a 1-out walkoff home run to end it.

“I’ve been around a long time and that’s the finest exhibition of throwing I’ve ever seen,” Henry Aaron assessed. “It may be 10 years or even 20 before you see another its equal.” Only once, in the more than half-century since, has one pitcher thrown as many innings in one major league baseball game as Marichal did that night against Spahn.