Jeter - The Flip

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"What an unbelievable play by Jeter!"


Oct. 13, 2001, Game 3 of the Division Series, Oakland Coliseum

In the 2001 Division Series (best 3 out of 5 games), the Yankees were down 2 games to none against the Oakland A's.  The Yankees were winning 1- 0 in the 8th inning.  The A's got a baserunner (but a slow one) to first base with 2 outs, and the next batter hit a double down the right field line.  The runner tried to score from 1st base on the play.  The right fielder threw the ball over heads of all the players he was supposed to throw to, but for some reason Derek Jeter, the Yankees' shortstop had gone out of position and was able to catch the errant throw, flip it to the catcher and get the runner out.  The Yankees went on to win the game, and the next 2, and went on to the World Series.