Dan Marino Fake Spike

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"They catch the Jets napping! They're just standing there!"


November 27, 1994. Week 12. Giants Stadium.

The game was for first place in the AFC East, but this Dolphins vs. Jets game will be remembered for something far more unique. Dan Marino, who was the author to 36 4th quarter comebacks in his illustrious Hall of Fame career, did something that no quarterback ever had the imagination - or audacity - to do.

Marino duped the Jets. The Phins were down by 3 (24-21) with 38 seconds left and had the ball on the Jets' 8-yard line with only one timeout remaining. As Marino ran to the line of scrimmage, he nodded to one of his wideouts, Mark Ingram, who was flanked to his right. Marino yelled "Clock! Clock! Clock!" and motioned that he was going to spike the ball to stop the clock. 

Instead, Marino faked the spike. The entire Jets defense thought the play was over. It was, but only after Marino hit a wide open Ingram in the front-right corner of the end zone.

Fake spike. Phins TD for the win. Jets lose.